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Tools for shooting remotely with an iPhone 11

Jun 10, 2020 11:35:34 AM / by Matt Semel

The iPhone 11 is becoming a common tool for remote shoots. The following tools are are helpful for lighting and for getting more interesting shots with the phone. 

Filming people talking to each other on videochat, we want to get the iPhone as close as possible to the built-in webcam on the computer, but we usually don't want to rig it directly to the computer itself. This is especially important with laptops, where built in fans can cause vibration.

Here is what we are using:

  • Gooseneck Cell Phone Holder.  Allows us to position the phone. Available from Amazon.
  • Viltrox Mini Bicolor Portable LED Light. A powerful and affordable little light which can be recharged. Available from B&H Photo.
  • Litra Adjustable Mount. Simply attaches the light to the cellphone. Available from B&H Photo.
  • Superclamp.  Great for attaching the light to other places, instead of the top of the phone. Can even be attached to the gooseneck. Available from B&H Photo.
  • Phone Clip. For as simpler set-up, allows mounting the iPhone or light to the computer (but be careful about vibrations). Available from B&H Photo.
  • FiLMiC Pro. Paid app that allows for direct control of camera settings and recording format. From Apple's App Store.

We also use the remote monitor setup we posted about previously to monitor exactly what the phone interface is showing. Reading a list of equipment doesn't really help understand how it all works, so here are some photos from Adrian Selkowitz showing the setup we've been using.




Matt Semel

Written by Matt Semel

Matt is a director and producer specializing in comedy and visual effects driven work. As director, Matt has won two Shorty Awards with Edelman for his work on PLAYTEX XTRA. He has worked with talent including Tracy Morgan, Seth Green, Felicia Day, Samantha Bee, Phoebe Robinson and D’Arcy Carden for clients such as YouTube and GEICO. Matt also serves as co-executive producer on PAID OFF WITH MICHAEL TORPEY

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