What we’re doing here

As the world has shut down due to the pandemic, there’s a greater and greater demand and need for safe ways to do video shoots. We’re compiling the information we’re learning - from colleagues, or from firsthand experience. We’ll continue to update as we learn more, and as things open up and new kinds of production become a reality. If you have thoughts, questions, or any suggestions from your own experience, please get in touch!

Also, please check out our blog here, and our guide to what we can make right now.

-Matthew Semel, Cowboy Bear Ninja

Cameras and Software for self taping

  • Robotic PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras) - Need to be installed, we're evaluating which ones are the best. Many available at B&H.
  • Mevo - Camera for livestreaming with remote control. Available for rental from Borrowlenses.
  • iPhone 11 and 11 Pro - Quickly becoming a standard for remote shoots. 
  • Filmic Pro - The standard for cinema quality acquisition on an iPhone. Getting someone to self-tape with this could be a bit of work because it’s professional software. 
  • Dropkits - A significantly more expensive option to safely get a cinema camera into an environment for interviews and self-taping. Read more about it in the Wall Street Journal.

Workflows and tools for self-taping, monitoring remotely, and remote control:

  • Our workflow for making a remote video village with iPhone camera. Will be updating with a wireless version soon.
  • Teradek Cube - High end streaming devices from industry standard for wireless monitoring, Teradek, that allow for monitoring of professional grade equipment without a computer on set. Useful for both monitoring cameras, and also for monitoring edit sessions. Teradek explains how it works here. The various products are available from B&H
  • SmallHD, maker of some of our favorite monitors, has high end monitoring kits, that allow for remote control of ARRI and Red camera systems. 
  • OpenReel - This is a premium service which allows for remote control of an iPhone or iPad camera, monitoring, as well as using the screen as a teleprompter. Only works in specific countries. Note: We are going to see a demo of this product soon, and will post our thoughts. 
  • Frame.io, who already provides an invaluable service, has a in-depth tutorial about how to set up a remote Resolve session up and running. This is highly technical, but a great way to make sure a DP is seeing properly corrected footage even in near real time.
  • Evercast is a highly recommended service for securely sharing a stream with very low-latency. This seems to be a leader for creating a good experience for a supervised edit or color session. It's pricey compared to just sharing your screen on Zoom, but I've heard that the speed and quality are impressive.
  • Frame.io is becoming an accessible and easy way to move around huge amounts of media quickly, and might replace Aspera as a go to for video creators.
  • Useful tools for iPhone Shooting - This is our setup for how we've been doing simple rigging and lighting of an iPhone for shoots where the talent has to self-tape.
  • Hardware and setup for remote client monitoring - An easy setup to allow remote monitoring from professional cameras with SDI or HDMI outputs.

Safely using equipment


  • With in-person casting sessions a thing of the past, SAG-AFTRA has created a video for talent about how to Self-Tape Like A Pro.


There are many upcoming panels and events on where things are going, many of them weekly.